Full automatic single axis winding glue sticking machine

20151030141923_177.jpgController: 32 bit industrial computer
Pitch (mm): 30/50
Speed (RPM): 3000
Line diameter (mm): 0.5 (max)
Framework outside diameter (mm): 15/25 (max)
Cable travel (mm): 100
X axis (mm): 100 X
Y axis (mm): 60 Y
Z axis (mm): 60 Z
Spindle motor: 400W Servo Motor DC
Air pressure supply: 35 LPM @ 5 bar
Power supply: 220V, AC, 50/60HZ
Size (x W x H L) (mm): 400 x 850 x 650
Weight: 70 Kgs
Product features:
1 winding wire, with the servo winding, winding and auxiliary winding (simulate), winding uniform whole column, environmental protection and energy saving;
2. Simulating hand cable precision automatic winding machine line, the automatic winding line system through real-time detection device and cable and winding can at any time to correct cable and wire wound multiturn multilayer winding in generated by the cumulative difference in to complete the automobile generator rotor coil of the entire column tightly wound winding, get rid of the coil on artificial cable production inefficient unstable factors.
3.CNC control input, the domestic research and development of special procedures for the operation of the winding, stable and superior performance, the pass rate of more than 98%.
4 patented product, counterfeiting!
5 full automatic winding, with adhesive function