Four axis flying fork machine

四轴飞叉机.jpgMachine characteristics:
1 breakthrough in the electric field of the motor rotor industry.
2 the base plate is welded with steel plate, bearing large, reducing noise and vibration reducing, increasing the stability of the machine.
3 the use of the guide rail and screw, to ensure that the positioning of the machine and the accuracy of repeated positioning
4 each step of the high speed spindle assembly passes through the strict quality control, the low noise, the service life is long.
Main configuration:
1, using the Japanese servo motor, imported silk, guide rail.
2, using the Japanese SMC cylinder, Japan's small gold wells pneumatic solenoid valve.
3, using Japan's OMRON photoelectric switch, Japan SMC magnetic switch.
4, the main shaft using the Japanese NSK high speed bearings, the use of Japan's Samsung belt.

Specification parameter

Spindle spacing


Number of principal axis


Spindle direction

Clockwise/counter clockwise/360°

Spindle speed


Spindle servo motor power


Applicable line diameter


supply voltage




Max frame outside diameter


Compressed air pressure


Host size


Host weight