12 axis automatic winding machineWZY-TW1240ZU

12轴工字型电感全自动绕线机.jpgProduct Overview
This series of automatic production line by the vibrating plate material, the conveying track, a single winding machine body; having a vibration plate divided foot (automatic feeding mechanism feet), the skeleton in place to detect, break alarm, etc., suitable for long-term large orders of products.

Machine features:

  • This series chassis made of high quality resin castings advanced 5-axis machining center made to ensure accuracy, compact structure, high rigidity, major, reduce noise damping, increased stability of the machine.

  • This series of winding machine using Japan's most advanced CNC motion controller, this motion controller has a linear and circular interpolation, screws and other high performance surround; Panasonic AC servo motor drive system, a high speed, precise positioning, and long life Features.

  • DIGGERS using self-developed operating system, you can achieve a variety of difficult winding, use Windows programming, human-computer dialogue, the operation is extremely simple. Password storage function, to prevent non-related personnel to modify the program.

  • This series of large machines used in all the key components of Japan THK (or IKO) screw, rail; Japan NSK (or SKF) high precision bearings, Japan SMC cylinder, Japan Koganei (or SMC) solenoid valve, Japan OMRON sensors, Japan, Samsung belt, Japanese Keyence fiber optic sensors.

Made coil type:
Suitable for long-term high-volume products: such as transformer EE10 \ EE13 \ EE19 etc.


Spindle speed(rpm)8000rpm
Spindle pitch(mm)604060
Spindle servo motor power(w)1500(3000X)2000(3000)
Guide needle bar servo motor power(w)X:200 Y:200 Z:200
Fast fixture interface inside diameter(mm)7(10X)
Applicable Wire(mm)0.03-0.32(>0.32X)
The maximum outside diameter of the skeleton(mm)452045
The amount of movement of the needle bar guide(mm)X:100 Y:60 Z:80
Guide the needle bar moving speed(mm/sec)250
Control SystemsJapan Motion Controller
Power supply voltage(v)Single-phase AC200-230V,50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption(w)2300
Compressed air pressure(Mpa)0.49-0.59
Machine body size(mm)850(W)X1000(D)X1450(H)1150(W)X1100(D)X1500(H)
Machine body weight(kg)500700