Full automatic winding machine for medium 8/10/12 shaft

Product Overview
中型8,10,12轴全自动绕线机WZY-TW1040ZU大图.jpgThis series includes 8-axis DS-R0860 (wheelbase 60mm), 10 axes DS-R1050 (wheelbase 50mm), 12 axes DS-R1240 (wheelbase 40mm), three models. Suitable for large quantities of small, medium, high precision and high efficiency of the large winding skeleton; This series of models can be freely added with the package on tape devices, vibration plate feeder, multiple Winder soldering machine components and automated assembly line.
Machine features:

  • This series chassis made of high quality resin castings advanced 5-axis machining center made to ensure accuracy, compact structure, high rigidity, major, reduce noise damping, increased stability of the machine.

  • This series of winding machine using Japan's most advanced CNC motion controller, this motion controller has a linear and circular interpolation, screws and other high performance surround; drivetrain

  • Panasonic AC servo motor with high speed, precise positioning, and long service life.

  • DIGGERS using self-developed operating system, you can achieve a variety of difficult winding, use Windows programming, human-computer dialogue, the operation is extremely simple. Password storage function, to prevent non-related personnel to modify the program. This series of large machines used in all the key components of Japan THK (or IKO) screw, rail; Japan NSK (or SKF) high precision bearings, Japan SMC cylinder, Japan Koganei (or SMC) solenoid valve, Japan OMRON sensors, Japan, Samsung belt, Japanese Keyence fiber optic sensors. Guide the needle bar can be rotated 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees (optional), for the horizontal chip inductor winding terminal is easy.

  • Innovative designs, strong and simple construction, high performance, easy handling, high efficiency, less failure, easy maintenance.

  • Suitable for the type of power inductor coil, relay coil, LCD backlight high voltage coils, high voltage ignition coils, sensors, coils, solenoid valve coil, auto injector coil, automotive ABS, charger coil, coil car dashboard, large stepper motor switching power supply transformer, EE-type transformer, EI type transformers, auto stop moving coil and so on.

Optional equipment
Tenser, stranding machines, pressure right angle device, simple cutter, loose wire devices, wire and around, up and down the skeleton automatic, automatic taping devices


Spindle speed(rpm)8000rpm
Spindle pitch(mm)605040
Spindle servo motor power(w)1500(3000X)
Guide needle bar servo motor power(w)X:200 Y:200 Z:200
Fast fixture interface inside diameter(mm)7(10X)
Applicable Wire(mm)0.03-0.32(>0.32X)
The maximum outside diameter of the skeleton(mm)453020
The amount of movement of the needle bar guide(mm)X:100 Y:60 Z:80
Guide the needle bar moving speed(mm/sec)250
Control SystemsJapan Motion Controller
Power supply voltage(v)Single-phase AC200-230V,50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption(w)2300
Compressed air pressure(Mpa)0.49-0.59
Machine body size(mm)850(W)X1000(D)X1450(H)
Machine body weight(kg)500