Automatic winding machine for hollow coilWZY-TW100ZU

空心绕圈全自动绕线机WZY-TW100ZU.jpgProduct overview:
Full automatic no frame series models, high rigidity, high precision, durable.
Applicable coil type:
Ordinary coil skeleton, speaker voice coils, IC card coils, air antenna coil core, coin coils, Dayang can swing coil, 2 joint head coil.
Machine features:
This series winding machine has the appearance, the modelling is novel, the structure is simple, the performance is remarkable, the ultra control is easy, the fault is few, maintains conveniently.
This winding machine has a concentric degree of freedom adjustable, adjustable precision in 0.0055MM.
U machine using high-quality castings, rotates at a high speed, small vibration, high silence.
Using both sides of the fixture synchronous rotation, can be wound around the ultra small coil, the high-speed rotation, but also can get a high precision winding.
By the servo motor to control the width of the winding, easy to adjust, easy to set and high precision.
With a self air heating device, other equipment of air compressor pump heating energy saving. The winding cycle is short and the efficiency is high.
Password storage function, to prevent non related personnel to modify the program.
MITSUBISHI PLC or CNC control system, to achieve human-computer dialogue, easy to operate.