Advantages and Applications of Automatic Winding Machine

At present, the domestic truly automatic winding machine rarely, and vertical and horizontal mechanical and electrical winding machine is fully automatic, the operation is very convenient. Vertical and horizontal mechanical and electrical production of the winding machine are mainly inductors Winder, precision winding machine, automatic winding machine.
Automatic winding machine is the working principle of the use of AC motor additional electromagnetic speed control device or install the inverter to achieve speed control function, the use of PLC programming control program to achieve a variety of wire fully automated production process.
Automatic winding machine welding performance advantages:
1, environmental safety and pollution-free, suitable national RHOS detection scale.
2, efficient and efficient, saving labor costs, one can guard several machines at the same time.
3, user-friendly design, PLC automatic production process, simple operation to meet the user experience.
4, the use of frequency governor, winding the same, neat and orderly coil, the outer ring high degree of beauty.
5, using the latest power technology, the product does not scratch the phenomenon of scratches.
With the continuous development of the domestic coil industry, automatic winding machine products in the manufacture of electronic appliances has been widely used. As the functional requirements of different types of coils, making the type of winding machine is also diversified. Common winding machine can be divided into automatic winding machine, semi-automatic winding machine, ring winding machine, precision winding machine, transformer winding machine, inductance winding machine and other models. Although these winding machine products become increasingly diversified, the degree of automation has also been higher, but still can not meet the increasing industry requirements.
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